Heel Hoodie's are shoe covers used for indoor wear. They are made with a cotton jersey knit stretch material and have non skid placed on the bottoms.

The non skid bottoms allow you to wear your Heel Hoodies indoors. They keep your floors clean from dirt and germs that you walk in throughout the day. They can also keep your shoes clean from certain work environments.

Great for relators, interior designers, house cleaners, daycares & preschools, or anyone who cares about keeping their floors and belongings clean. Heel Hoodie's are one size fits most, and machine washable, so they can be used time and time again! 
Founder of Heel Hoodie Jennifer Zimmerman

"I created Heel Hoodie's a few years ago when I was traveling a lot for work. I didn't like the dirty bottoms of my shoes getting on my clean clothes, so I made an easy & space effective way to pack my shoes in my Carry On.

During the pandemic I started receiving multiple requests for anti slip Heel Hoodies. With such a great response ALL Heel Hoodies are now not only for packing, but also for indoor wear!

I became involved with American Heart Association, after unexpectedly loosing my father a few months after my Heel Hoodie launch. This brought me to creating Hoodie's for Hearts. For three years now 10% of all Heel Hoodie proceeds have gone towards Heart Health Research.

Once you use them you wont be able to go anywhere without them!"

— Jennifer Zimmerman, Creator of Heel Hoodie

Heel Hoodie® is a Patent Pending product